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Public Chats


Chat Rules

Do not swear or bypass the censor.

Keep conversations appropriate for all age groups.

Be reasonably civil and polite at all times, even if you do not agree with someone. Do not use racist language.

Do not spam or flood - don't post similar messages multiple times or useless messages.

Do not share links that are unsuitable for all ages.

Do not advertise for your own gain.

Online dating and cybering is not allowed.

Do not ask for or share personal information, such as passwords, phone numbers or addresses, regardless of whether it is yours.

Do not ask to become a moderator. We will approach you.

Use a name colour that is visible well on white - do not use white.

You are only permitted one account per person.

Do not mini-mod — do not pretend to be a moderator.

Please follow the rules to keep it safe and fun for everyone. Have fun!

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