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Carry Animals Addon

Sometimes animals are hard to lure using wheat, seeds or carrots they sometimes just ignore the lure or they are too slow. When you leash them sometimes they escape because your too fast. This add-on makes it easier to bring animals anywhere and I hope you enjoy!

This simple Add-on lets you carry animals anywhere and you don’t need any lure or leash to bring them to a certain spot. You just need to sneak and come near them and you will carry them. To drop the mob sneak and jump.

These are the animals that you can carry:

UPDATE: You can now carry all mobs.

This add-on is compatible with android/IOS or windows 10 and you do not need to turn on experimental mode on your world that means you can use this in your realm servers.

Enjoy carrying your animals!

If you want to use this addon to be compatible with other custom mobs be sure the mob has the family type of a "mob"



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