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Construction Addon

Construction Addon

Are you a builder? This addon adds TONS of blocks. and some items that are vanilla-like. including more nuggets, sticks, and bookshelf in all wood types. it also adds pillars, concrete types, and colored planks. This addon adds more blocks to decorate your world. Some of the textures need some cleaning but are working, most recipes can be found on my website [Here] This pack increases the number of blocks to detail your build furthermore. from more bookshelf to rusty iron blocks. you can get theses items by using '/function give/' you can also use '/give @p const:' This pack adds soo much so you will not be able to see all the blocks inside the text menu. This pack fills up that construction tab for creativity. but note there is some Minecraft bugs that are limiting. consider upvoting them so they get soon faster. 

Items/Blocks don't show up in the creative menu

Blockshape is broken (stairs/walls/slabs etc)