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PUBG Supply Drop Addon

This is the Supply Drop from the game called "PlayerUnknown's Battleground" or PUBG as others called it.

Currently, there are 4 loots to obtain from these supply drops randomly and will add more loots in the future.

Ways to obtain supply drops:

  • Creative Mode:Type in /give @p pubg: flare_gun

  • Survival Mode: You can craft the flare gun from the Crafting Table, just follow the recipe in the image below.

The items required in the recipe is hard to obtain but considering the items that will be in these supply drops, I think it’s reasonable enough.

  • You only have 3 minutes to collect the items from these supply drops before they disappear completely!
  • There are 4 loot types to obtain from these supply drops randomly (iron, gold, diamond, netherite loot) which differs from rarity respectively.

If you have any suggestions to this addon, feel free to let me know at my Twitter.


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