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Portal Gun Addon v7

Introducing the portal gun add-on. 

This add-on adds an item in your world called a portal gun. 

You can make the portal gun by using This Recipe:


Here is a demo video:

The new version Portal Gun v5 update:

- Now only works for a single player

- Can now carry specific blocks (dirt,grass,diorite,granite,andesite,redstone,obsidian,netherrack)

By sneaking and hitting a block then quickly unsneak

To place just sneak

- Added a 3d model

- Improved portal death animation

The new version Portal Gun v7 update:

- Added rick and morty portal gun along with rick and morty portals

- Added Glados portal gun along with the original portal

- Added the ability to make black holes.

- Portals no longer despawn

- portal no longer take damage

Instructional video:



Addon portal gun black hole