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Simple Vehicles Addon v1 1 Pre 1

This Add-on Adds 35 Vehicles in Minecraft and this is the largest mod I every made and I will talk you about this mod


I made this add-on since March 2019 and I do an upload online but I'm not good enough to make add-ons here before then now I have an good potential in making mods so I continue to working in this mod and I did it

And did you know that I like making Vehicles too that can be found in local or not but some models are made by me anyway


I do the showcase of the vehicles in different category like first of all is the cars

1. Car this is my first vehicle I ever made and these have over 10 colors (I think it's eleven😂)


  • Grey            
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Cyan
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Purple

Another Feature

  • Can be ridden by a Villager, cat, and NPC but make sure the key(Saddle) is not applied to the vehicle

2. The lowrider since I also made it for those people who like cool but simple 

3. Toyota AE86

This is the one of suggested vehicle that can carry up to 4 player

4. Toyota Corolla 

This add-on was look like 2000s Edition of The Toyota Corolla but It could be ride up to 4 players*

*- Same as car can be ridden up to 4

5. Ford Mustang

This vehicle can be only ridden up to two people but It could be run up to over 200MPH(but It think I need to study the speed of some vehicles)

Then Now I Showcase you the public utility vehicle which can be used for bringing passenger from one place to another up to 10 players (I think it could be compatible for realms and servers)

1. Bus

This vehicle can be ridden up to 10 players (rider included)

2. Minibus

This vehicle is also small bus but I need to do Improvements on it but It could be ridden up to 5 players (Local Server or Cloud Server Approved😂)



3. Philippine Local Jeep

This vehicle is can only be found in the Philippines and there's the two types of jeepney I ever made it for you

  • Traditional
  • Modern

4. Van

This vehicle has just one color but it could be add new colors in next update and can be ride up to 6 players

5. Taxi

This vehicle can be ridden up to 4 players*


  • Yellow
  • White

Here's the Vehicles that can be used for emergency and public services

1. Fire truck

This add-on can be ridden up to 4 players and you can do a role play as a firemen

2. Ambulance - can be used in hospital to bring patient and you can do the role-play like doctors and patient

3. OB Van 

This could be used for television and news broadcast but Sorry for the color and texture🙂

4. Tanks

This Could be used by the military and it's need to be remodeled in next update

5. Police Car - this vehicle is good if you want to do cops and robbers

And there's more Vehicles that you ever loved it:

Flying Vehicles

1. Plane - this vehicle can be ridden up to four players but You can get the sperate one here

2. Christmas Sled - I should need to do it in December but anyway I made this in advanced 😂

3. Helicopter - It need to be retexture in next update

Special ability - These can be flyable, when you look up it go up and look down it go down

Double wheel Vehicles

1. Motorbikes - it has 5 colors and can carry up to two players


  • Pink
  • Green
  • White
  • Blue
  • Black

2. Bikes 


  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Red
  • White
  • Orange

3. Hoverboards


  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Green
  • Yellow

4. Volt Bike

Other Vehicles

1. AUV Car - it's an private vehicle that can be ridden up to 4 players

2. Pick up truck - an vehicle that can be ridden up to 2 players only

3. Tesla Truck - this is an future-vehicle type

4. Limousine - Is the luxurious type vehicle and it can ridden up to 6 players

5. Shuttle bus

6. Truck - can carry up to 15-20 slots of storage

7. Speedboat

And lots of more Vehicles to try of it I'm sorry I can't take some images of other vehicles anyway you can watch some of Vehicles

There are 3 new vehicles added in this mod

(It also shown that Simple Vehicles Addon is now supported on Latest BETA Version)

1. Opel Corsa

This vehicle can be ride up to 4 players

2. Opel Astral

This is an small car that it has an simple texture (this could be change in next update)

3. Volkswagen Beetle

This Vehicle has five colors

  • White           
  • Red
  • Yellow           
  • Blue
  • Green


Note: The models, textures and codes are belongs to Me (RMPlaysMC YT) and you are not allowed to steal on it.

Suggestions: You can DM me via Twitter if you have some request or problems, you can do also DM me on Facebook

And For someone who likes tho support my development you can donate here (Any amount is good enough for me🙂)


There are some plans that I should do in the next update:

  • Custom Player Animations
  • Adding more Vehicles and Colors
  • And So much more

Bugs That I did but i'm sorry about that I will fix it soon

  • Riding position of mini-bus is not correctly fixed 😥