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Items that can stack to 64: All types of Potions, All types of Splash Potions, All types of Lingering Potions, All types of enchanted booksEnder Pearls, Eggs, Campfires(Idk how but they 3d and animated but I’m not complaining), All types of boats, Snowballs, All types of Signs, Honey Bottles, All types of horse armor, Saddles, All types of banners even custom ones as well!

update 1 and prob the final one lol: Potions, Splash Potions, Lingering Potions, and Enchanted Books are now stackable! I forgot crimson and warped signs and plus the stews! so I added them, enjoy!

WARNING:  Please don't do this because it will use all of the books and u won't be able to get them back. So just put 1 not a whole stack okay byeeeee

Update 2:

All types of minecarts, all types of shulker boxes, and all types of music discs stack to 64 now!


If you have a shulker boxes that has the same items inside it will stack.

If i missed anything please comment down below

Note: Totems, Beds, and tool wont stack so please don't comment those down below.

Update 3:

I did armor:

All types of armor and turtle hat ^_^



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