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Tree Chopper PLUS

Having trouble chopping down your trees? climbing or stacking your blocks just to get those logs?  this add-on is just for for you! you can chop trees using your axe and you can bring the whole tree down and there are 3 new stuff added to this add-on to make it more fun.


This add-on brings a faster way to chop down trees!

You can use any axe to chop down trees.

To chop down a tree you need to sneak first to avoid accidentally chopping down important stuff.

Here is a video of the chopping in action:

Here are the 3  new things that will be added in your game:

1. Cutter Item (Throw-able)

This Cutter item is a throw-able item whenever you throw it towards a log of a tree it would break the whole tree. You cannot retrieve the item when thrown the item also damages mobs and players.

Crafting Recipe:

4x Iron Ingot


3x Cutter

2. Tree Bomb (Throw-able)

This item is named tree bomb if you are asking “can I use this to explode trees and get all the logs?”

Yes and No, this item is literally a bomb it just explodes stuff in a certain radius and it drops the blocks destroyed.

Crafting Recipe:

4x Iron Ingot

1x Gunpowder


Tree Bomb


3. Tree Cutter Block

This block automatically cuts down trees for you it chops down trees next to this block.


sometimes it does not break all the blocks in the tree.

Crafting Recipe:

7x Iron Ingot

1 redstone dust

1 dropper


Tree Cutter Block



Be careful using this add-on when you have a house made out of logs or part of your house are logs. Use these items away from your house because you might accidentally break your house.

Before playing with this add-on:

  • The world must be on experimental mode



addon custom_block tree_chopper