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32k Hacker tools and base

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32k Hacker tools and base




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32k Hacker tools and base

Use gear that has over 30k protection!

This addon contains a world that gives you access to Minecraft's strongest tools. The NBT data forged within this armor is so powerful, that you can only die via void and /kill if you wear even 1 part of the armor. The tools are also extremely powerful, being able to 1 shot the ender dragon!

That's not all! You also get an epic-looking hacker base, with everything you need inside. But be warned- there's a trap! One particular piece of armor will crash the game of anyone who wears it. (Hint: The boots). Use this to deter and protect your armor from even the most cunning intruders. 

So what does this have to offer?

The NBT hacker gear addon is located within a special world that contains everything you need. With these tools, you can play a survival world without breaking a sweat, and look cool in front of all your friends! The armor and tools are entirely netherite and are also unbreakable. 

That's not all! You can use these hacker tools in many ways: For PvP maps, as a reward (This allows you to get people to do stuff for you). Ezy Survival world, and Hacker Teams. (You give the hacker tools to your friends and battle other non-hackers).

Hacker Netherite Helmet x3

Hacker Netherite Chestplate x3

Hacker Netherite Leggings x3

Trap Boots x3

Hacker Sword x1

Hacker Axe x1

Hacker Pickaxe x1

Hacker Hoe x1

Hacker Shovel x1

Unbreakable Shield x1

Hacker Bow x1

Unbreakable Elytra x1

Hacker Turtle Helmet

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