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Battleaxe Addon

This Addon adds 10+ Battleaxes and Leviathan axes to your game. Each battleaxe has very high damage. Every battleaxe can be crafted in survival to help you against the creatures of darkness.


NOTE: You can’t steal the code or textures in any way!!! only if we talk about this on twitter @sori662_pop or in the comments down below!!! If ur doing a mod review you have to put this page link in the description

NOTE: this was tested only on PC!!! Im not sure if its working on phones with android or ios.

NOTE: If your doing a review you are allowed only to post this mcpecore addon page link dont hurt me with direct links to mediafire! HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR WHAT I DO!!!You are not allowed to post this addon on other sites without my permision.

NOTE: For every update ill do you will have to remove my old pack in order to install the new one!

NOTE: Enable EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY in your world options in order to use this addon!!!

Code made with bridge Textures with

Leviathan Diamond Axe(Gives you effects when you right click) damage: 15

Every leviathan axes has recipes looking like this(Diamond,Emerald,Enderite,Gold,Iron,Lapis,Netherite,Prismarine,Quartz,Redstone)

Netherite Battle Axe damage: 26 (right click for special effects and powers)

Diamond Battle Axe damage: 24

Iron Battle Axe damage: 20

Emerald Battle Axe damage: 22

Lightning Battle Axe damage: 30

Ice Battle Axe damage: 38

Blaze Battle Axe damage: 32

Ender Battle Axe damage: 40

Hope you enjoy my work!!!

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