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Black Mesa Chapter 4 Preview 1

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Black Mesa Chapter 4 Preview 1




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Black Mesa Chapter 4 Preview 1

Black Mesa Is a map recreation of the famous remake of Half-Life, Black Mesa. the map features only 3 main chapters of the game for now. (and one that is in the making right now)

in this map you play as Gordon Freeman and you are on a tram going to work every morning. you have the task to arrive in the Anomalous Materials test chamber with your hazard suit (diamond armor)  but all goes wrong and you have to fight with zombies and other alien creatures that teleport in from this experiment's failure

All Existing Chapter for now: (16% completed)

Chapter 1: Black Mesa Inbound

Chaoter 2: Anomalous Materials

Chapter 3: Unforeseen Consequences

Chaoter 4: Office Complex (demo)

remaining chapter till completion: (84% remaining of the whole map)

Chaoter 5: "We've got Hostiles"

Chapter 6: Blast Pit

Chapter 7: Power in

Chapter 8: On a rail

Chapter 9: Apprehension

Chapter 10: Residue Processing

Chapter 11: Questionable Ethics

Chapter 12: Surface Tension

Chaoter 13: "Forget about Freeman"

Chapter 14: Lambda Core

Chapter 15: Xen

Chapter 16: Gonarch's lair

Chapter 17: Interloper

Chapter 18: Nihilanth

Chapter 19: End game

Chapter 20: Credits

Map version 2.41

map thumbnail by: inkycrafter

ingame screenshots: (most of the images are made with one shader i used to test if the map looks good with shaders)

expect future updates including the full release of chapter 4 and maybe a full rework of chapter 1

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