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Championship Omega Parkour Islands

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Championship Omega Parkour Islands




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Championship Omega Parkour Islands

Host an epic Parkour event!

With up to 30 player compatibility, nothing sounds cooler than hosting a "30 Player Parkour Championship!" Thanks to this completely vanilla world, you can now watch you, and your friends compete for first place in a 30-minute parkour tournament!

The best part is, it's built with an in-game tiebreaker and secondary point system! Not only is there a main goal: 'Get in first place", there is also a second goal of which you collect all checkpoints.

Don't forget, this Parkour tournament can be played alone, and comes with all sorts of different parkour parts, to meet everyone's strengths and weaknesses!

30 Player compatibility!

Worried that too many people joined? Don't! This world was specially designed to handle and store up to 30 players' scoreboards and locations. This means you can have large championships and tournaments, without problems.

What are some core features of this world?

To start off, there's a nice door and starting lobby for everyone that joins, which makes your world look nicer and more professional. Alongside this, there is a bold display on the sidebar, which tracks how many points everyone has. The farther they get, the more points!

Throughout the world, special block types are scattered around, which serve important functions. Some increase speed, while some make you jump high. Others give points, and some even teleport! The coolest part is that there aren't any command underneath

Finally, there are actually 2 routes to take, one for team red, and one for team blue. Choose either one!

I need to know everything!

This world contains 2 separate tracks

30 minutes of gameplay

Point/score system

Golden Checkpoints

30 player compatibility

4 types of blocks (which give effects)

Starting hub

Closing and opening door

Several mega islands

Finish line

Tracks score even after players leave







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