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Comet 16x PvP pack

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Comet 16x PvP pack




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Comet 16x PvP pack

Comet 16x is a clean PVP pack for all devices on bedrock edition with the newest nether update content. In this pack it changes all the tools weapons and armor and more to make them look better for PVP.

The goal of this resource pack is to allow for the best PvP experience while playing. In addition, this is mainly for people who enjoy PvP and want to have a nice time while playing game-types like Bed Wars, Treasure Wars, and anything similar. However, this pack can shine in other areas of gameplay too, try it out and you’ll be sure to like it. Currently, the items this resource pack focuses on are the weapons, tools, armor, along with a couple other things, but I plan on creating more in the future during the course of this project. Furthermore, the reason behind creating this resource pack was the yearning to have a worthy PvP pack and share it with others to have. Also, just as a reminder, this resource pack does not improve FPS performance, that is theoretically impossible with something like this. 

Since this resource pack is still in production, I’ll make sure to have updates whenever possible. During this process I plan to take ample time while working on everything, so hopefully everyone likes what I have so far. If you decide to download the resource pack, feel free to leave feedback, I’m open to all suggestions. Below will be some pictures of some tools up close in game.

(Textures are not final and will be updated)

Below are the icons for all the armors and what they will look like in inventory.

Now there is tons of other items changed, however I would like you to experience it yourself. I will now list what is done, being worked on, and is planned in the upcoming future.


  • all tools, weapons, and armor except leather
  • health and saturation bar
  • normal and golden apples
  • crit and potion particles
  • fishing rods and bows
  • ender pearls and eyes of ender
  • some foods
  • buckets
  • all the ingots
  • fire


  • added sky
  • made potion particles way better
  • changed iron slightly to not have as much as a big gradient
  • added wool and oak planks
  • removed unneeded files to help the new stuff not make the pack take up a ton more space
  • made crosshair even brighter so you can see it better on stone like blocks

Working on

  • leather armor
  • updating netherite armor
  • crossbows
  • carrot on stick and things like that

Planned for future

  • tridents
  • potions
  • xp bar
  • some sound effects
  • shield
  • some blocks
  • beds
  • some entities
  • some ui changes
  • and more

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