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Dons Hardcore Mode

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Dons Hardcore Mode




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Dons Hardcore Mode

D.H.C CORE Alpha 0.5.0

DHC Is a reimagining of the largely desired hardcore mode from java edition with a lot of twists.

We’re all familiar with the mechanics of the game mode. The game hurts and you only get one life, but what if you could get more? Ever wonder how Steve & Alex can carry so much? Well, now they can’t! Does punching trees with your first not make sense to you? Me either that's not a thing anymore.

The CORE edition of this add-on contains altered vanilla mechanics and four(4) new special items, allowing for new and unique experiences for all kinds of players.

  • Players can no longer break blocks with their fists
  • Players can no longer damage entities without a weapon or tool
  • Players will now be death locked when they run out of lives
  • Players now have their inventory locked                                                                 
  • Level 30 EXP cap
  • Automatic single-player and multiplayer modes
  • Multiplayer spectator mode (Not a free fly system as of alpha)
  • Four new items

  • Crude Flint:

    • This item is given to a player once as they spawn for the first time. It can be used to break blocks.


    • When used this item unlocks a slot in the player's inventory


    • When used this item grants the player an additional life

    Revive Jar:

    • When used this item revives all dead players above the user 

    All new items can be found in the various chests spawned around your world. Additionally, they can be purchased from the wandering trader.

    Planned features 

    As previously mentioned the current add-on is titled core.

    This is because I plan to create additional addons & variants to build upon the base core features. New features will be added to a separate addon and linked here at the end of every month based on community input and requests.

    Currently Development Plan

    1. General mob buffs 
    2. Leveling system
    3. Additional friendly & hostile mobs
    4.  Return of the wandering slayer
    5. Mystichite armor, weapons, tools & staffs

    Feel free to join the discord and make suggestions or contribute to future updates 


    Download and install like any other addon

    You don't need any experimental features or education edition enabled

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