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Foods Plus

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Foods Plus




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Foods Plus

Do you wish that Minecraft had more foods? or different food types? Well wish no more! this addon features over 600+ brand new foods, new crops, mobs and farming vehicles. It has everything from baking and breakfast food items to beverages. and best of all, you can craft all of them in survival. 


🍎 Food's Plus 🍎

This addon adds over 600+ new foods into the game, And best of all, all of the foods are craft able in survival. This addon is perfect for roleplaying, cities, and survival.



this weeks update adds 10 new foods, a new crop and fruit trees! read the changelog for more details



This addon also adds in 9 new mobs to the game! they can be found roaming in in different biomes. if they are killed, they will drop food

Hogs, Bulls, Boars, Bears, Turkeys, Rats, and ducks can be found in the plains biome.

Lobsters and crabs can be found in the ocean or rivers.



This addon also adds in 22 crops! the seeds can be found by looking in villages, dungeons or fishing.

some crops require special blocks to grow on, for example rice can only grow on dirt or rice pattys and Fruit trees can be easily grown on the ground

🚜Farming Vehicles🚜

Farming vehicles are a great tool for farming crops! they can harvest crops. similarly to crop seeds, they can be found by fishing, looking in villages or in dungeons. you can also find them by looking in the spawn eggs section in the creative menu

🌿Tractors are the most common to find and they can harvest all crops

🌾Harvesters although they are harder to find, harvesters are a better and faster version of the tractor, similarly to the tractor, the can also harvest all crops.

🌻Mowers are quite common and can only be used to cut grass and certain kinds of flowers

☕️Functional blocks☕️

This addon also comes with three functional blocks, currently you can only get them in creative. they can also be rotated

Each block drops a certain food item once hit, for example the coffee machine gives you coffee, the toaster gives you toast, etc.

🥧Place able food!🥧

Place able foods are finally here! they can only be obtained in creative. you can find them in the creative menu, they can be used as neat decorations


This mod requires "Holiday creator features"

🍳 Foods can be crafted in survival! 🍳

All of the foods featured in this addon can be crafted in survival. You can find the various crafting recipes in the survival crafting menu. Some foods require Cooking, baking, brewing, or roasting.

Alternatively, you can also spawn them in using commands and by getting them in your creative inventory.


🍍 Different food types 🍍

This addon features a variety of different food types. some foods will need to be baked, cooked or brewed and will give you extra saturation.

Some Foods that can found in this addon

  • Baking 🥧
  • Sweets/Candy's 🍭
  • Breakfast foods 🍳
  • American Foods 🍔
  • Beverages 🍹
  • Asian foods 🍣
  • and... more! 🥫


❓Frequently asked Questions❓

Can i use this for my maps/projects?

Of course! You can use this addon for whatever you like, just be sure to give credit.

Will new foods be added?

Yes, I plan on adding new food types, ingredients, recipes and possibly adding up to 1,000 different foods.

I cant find the new foods?

If you cant find the new foods included with the update, be sure to download the latest version of the mod, you can find a list of the versions in the download section. If you still have issues getting the addon to work be sure to join our discord, the link can be found bellow.


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