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Ghost Riders Hell Cycle Addon by Eyebags

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Ghost Riders Hell Cycle Addon by Eyebags




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Ghost Riders Hell Cycle Addon by Eyebags

re you a fan of the Marvel Anti-Hero Ghost Rider? Yes? ME TOO! That's why I added his cycle in Minecraft!

Hell Cycle and Hell Horse

Did I mention they can transform?

The Hell Horse can jump 8 blocks high in [Hell Form]

The Hell Cycle can jump 7 blocks high in [Hell Form]

Both of them leave a trail of fire and smoke when in [Hell Form]

The Hell Cycle can drive itself to FIND YOU if it's in [Hell Mode]
and if you are holding a chain. (max radius of 11)

This addon also includes a GLOW IN THE DARK SKIN

How to use the skin?

1. Make sure you don't have a custom skin on.

2. Wear a normal Alex/Steve skin.

(Watch YouTube Video Above If You Are Still Confused)

If you have any requests, questions or just want to chat  since I might not always check the comment section just talk to me through the following social media links.

I also made a YouTube channel for showcases, project updates, project trailers and some art related content.

Social Media Links:

Youtube Channel
Twitter Profile

Discord Server
MCPE Core Profile

Please Follow My Profile!!

(I appreciate it!)
(Subscribe to the YT channel too)

Do NOT Steal My Work! pls.


Check Out My Other Works!:

1. Mimic Addon (This link works)

2. Unlucky Jumps!

(Some links may not work yet. This message will be removed once all links work)


1. Do not republish this addon as your own or modify it's contents without my consent.


2. If you want to use this addon in other works including but not limited to videos and maps. Please give credit to the creator (me)


3. As said in rule 2 when giving credit. Please link to this MCPECore page and not the direct Mediafire link. Thanks. 

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