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Golem Squid and Bee Remodel

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Golem Squid and Bee Remodel




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Golem Squid and Bee Remodel

In this texture pack I enhanced the model of the Iron golem, the Bee, and the Squid. The models don't change anything about the mob but their looks. The Golem looks like it would do something different but it is just a new texture. In this pack I made 3 new textures and models for the following mobs;


It's hard to tell because the image is pixelated but the bees model has a "fluffier" body and very large expanding eyes.


Iron Golem:

The Iron Golem I tried to make look like the mutant Golem from the Mutant Mobs Mod, while the squid I decided to put a extra bit on top of the head. The Bee though is a little more rounded and it's eyes bulge out to make it look 10x cuter. The squid keeps its normal texture while the iron golem and bee are almost like they are new mobs. So watch out for the scary Golem Beasts that lurk your world now, and have fun with your new fluffy bee pals. Oh and also watch out for the scary Krakens that now swim in the oceans of your world.

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