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This submission can be usefull for minecraft content creators.

Tired of websites that reupload your maps and addons? This simple addon will help you to fight against these websites. How? Read lower

I created this addon to fight against websites that reupload my creations.

Not many people look into minecraft folder, less read txt files in addons.

How it works:

Add this addon to your world or put codes into your addon.

After player join world for the first time, he will get a message:

Note: it works only when player joined world with this addon for the first time!

To see this message again, remove tag.

Also experimental gameplay is not required:

How to customize?

  • Change tags in function (if you want to use "" inside it, put a \ before each)

tellraw @a[tag=!joined_the_world_more_than_one_time] {"rawtext":[{"text":"Thank you for downloading this addon (It was uploaded to I hope it will be usefull. Created by MedicalJewel105."}]}
tag @a add joined_the_world_more_than_one_time

  • What is tick.json? tick.json is like a repeating command block. It works everywhere in the world. Put function names in it if you want to add some other instantly repeating functions

No player.json!

If you have questions, you can join my Discord where I will answer them:

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