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Hyper Buffed Horses V1

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Hyper Buffed Horses V1




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Hyper Buffed Horses V1

These horses are crazy!

Have you ever been looking for a "good horse"? One with great speed, jump, and health? Well, you won't be doing that anymore! 


These horses have absolutely BUSTED stats! some being able to jump over-literal mountains, some having more hp than a golem, and a few being able to move at light speeds! Just imagine the possibilities you could do with friends! 


You could joust, play horse races, horse parkour, or just run rampant in your world! 

Nothing would be able to touch you. If your friends didn't know about this add-on, this could be a great way to troll and impress them!

Why would I want this?

Well, think about it like this: If you want to jump over buildings and run at light speed, while also having a REALLY strong horse, then this addon will do that!

Even the worst possible horse has stats better than the best horse in vanilla Minecraft. You can even add this to your survival world to make getting places a whole lot easier! 

What's also good about this addon, is that although the horses are massively buffed, they arent so buffed that they can't be used anymore. It's perfectly balanced! 


Some things you can do with this addon are...

Create epic race tracks

Run around the world

Horse parkour

Epic survival worlds

Horse manhunt

Horse PvP


Custom World Minigames! 

(Note: This is a crude comparison between horses, it's just to give you an idea)

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they are very fast horse