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Insomnia Survival Mashup World

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Insomnia Survival Mashup World




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Insomnia Survival Mashup World

Play 2 survival maps in one!

With both a survival island and tropical plains, you can try out 2 different ways to survive in Minecraft!

You, (and maybe a few friends) could travel to the deep jungle, while your other clans could form a base on the island, and set up 2 different countries/clans.

Or, you could play by yourself and explore a unique survival landscape, since it's completely up to you! Just have fun!


What can I do in this world?

Well, normal survival worlds can get boring. If you've played this game a lot, then you know it's a similar story every time you play with your friends! Set up a small dirt hut, get trees, and go mining.

In this survival world, you have to venture out to find trees and resources and survive in unfamiliar landscapes. Out in the forest, however, odd structures such as rocks, huge trees, and gravelly mountains appear all over the place! Why wouldn't you want to live there?

Wait! There's more!

Not only can this be used as a unique survival world playthrough, but the large island can also be walled up and used for minigames!

Need ideas? Well, we got some!

Survival UHCs

Hide and seek island

Amusement Park Island

Gigantic Mazes

Bow fights



Deslotate Island Survival

A large arena




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