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Loot Bags By Estrongel

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Loot Bags By Estrongel




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Loot Bags By Estrongel

Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Legendary loot bags make their appearance in your worlds! Though dropped from ALL mobs, the harder the mob is to kill, the higher the drop rate of loot bags, and the higher chance of receiving a legendary loot bag. Trade in lower tier loot bags for higher tiers at leatherworkers. Enjoy :)


  • Loot Bags:
    • Each tier of loot bag has its own list of items that can be dropped from it, the major difference between rare and legendary tends to be a higher quantity of items
    • Get items quickly with mob farms
    • Particle unique to each Loot Bag
    • You can now exchange lower tier Loot Bags with leatherworkers for higher tiers
      • Tiers:
        • Level 1 and 2: Common -> Uncommon
        • Level 3 and 4: Uncommon -> Rare
        • Level 5: Rare-> Legendary

Note that leatherworkers have retained all of their old trades, there is now just a chance of these trades showing up

Leatherworkers have a sort of randomness to their trade list, meaning that you may have to reset a villager numerous times in order to get the trades that you want. Here are some examples.



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