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Minecraft 16x16 Sword Template

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Minecraft 16x16 Sword Template




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Minecraft 16x16 Sword Template

Minecraft Template Sword 16x

This is a template texture for ANYONE to use for free in ANYTHING. You may use in texture packs, addons, or other stuff to your desire. If you want you can give credit for the template but it is not required. Below is a 5 simple and easy step tutorial of how to turn the downloadable file into your sword!

Step 1

Copy your sword template into your art program of choice for me thats btw if you don't have and you want to make a pack i really recommend getting it its free.

Step 2

After you load the sword in make a gradient of a lighter color to a darker I usually use black and grey but you can use whatever fits your theme or design for what your making.

Step 3

Select all the pixels that are on the edge in any why on the handle and darken them by around 28.

Step 4

You are now done with the handle and guard now lets do the blade. First is choose 2 similar colors 1 darker then the other and do a gradient from one side of the blade to the other.

Step 5

Now some people stop here but most of the time I like doing 1 more final step. In this last step select all the pixels on the sides of the blade and darken them as dark as you like different colors do well with different darkness to the blades outline to try different shades out and see what you like! 

Finished Product

Now you have your nice and amazing sword! You can do a few more things to make it look nicer for you but those were the main 5 steps to making a sword that you can use in whatever for whatever.

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