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Mini PVP Battle Arena V1

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Mini PVP Battle Arena V1




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Mini PVP Battle Arena V1

Reak havoc on your opponents!

Are you looking for quick-paced exciting multiplayer battles? If so, this is the perfect world for you! With multiplayer compatibility, and a pre-made arena with already pre-equipped armor, swords, and Gapples, there's no need to wait or craft your weapons!

Want to play in teams? No problem! Just go to the selection area and choose your team! People on the same team can't hurt each other, so band together and control the arena!

Or- Go solo against a whole squad. 

There's more than it seems!

With an extensive map, it really feels like your having a city brawl. Don't be fooled! Specially made borders surround the whole enclosure- To prevent people from just running away! Try colonizing one of the 4 zones, either alone or with your friends! Make sure to conquer that area underneath spawn, it has a perfect bottleneck!

What does this PvP world include?

Pre-made small arena for quick battles

Team options

Anti Hack measures

Dodging mechanics

Blood Particle Effects on Death

Infinite durability tools

Settings board

Infinite Grapples

Random team selector

Inventory resetter

High FPS

Mobile player Friendly

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was a fun pvp map