This texture pack has textures from Autumn Pack, Winter Pack and Best Blocks Crafts, all these textures were put together in this pack, but do not think that they are only textures together, if not more cool, beautiful and cute textures were also made, too The armor and items were even remade to give them new details that improve the player’s experience when playing modern

and you will be thinking this package is also to build? Well of course, if for some reason it is called Modern Vainish it means that they are modern blocks to build, with beautiful trees and much more

This package will have seasons? (Modern Vanish)

if this package will have some accessories to be able to have a version of spring, summer and even autumn and winter

If for any reason you see that there are bugs, do not hesitate to report them in the comments of mcpedl, twitch tube and discord

Also before you download it, the pack has some diamond textures that were requested in Planetcraft

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Images of the texture pack….