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More Tools Addon




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More Tools Addon

Enjoy the beauty of having even more tools if you have some redstoen, emerald, lapis and quartz laying around without any use then this addon is for you!!! This addon brings 5+ new armor types to your game, 15+ new decorative blocks and 50+ new tools to play with. Feel free to enjoy these items in survival as you like.

NOTE: You can’t steal the code or textures in any way!!! only if we talk about this on twitter @sori662_pop or in the comments down below!!! If ur doing a mod review you have to put this page link in the description

NOTE: If your doing a review you are allowed only to post this mcpedl addon page link dont hurt me with direct links to mediafire! HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR WHAT I DO!!!

NOTE: Enable EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY in your world options in order to use this addon!!!.

V2.5 Update!

-Enable Holiday Creator Feature!!!

-Aditional Modding Capabilities!!!

-Enable Creation of Custom Biomes!!!

Code made with bridge. 3D models made with Blockbench.

NOTE: This addon is still in development it doesnt have all the recipes for all the blocks just yet .To get certains items you have to use commands like this: /give @s sp:item_name.

All Items:

UPDATE!!! v1.5

All Hammer recipes will look like this!(Diamond,Emerald,Enderite,Gold,Iron,Lapis,Netherite,Prismarine,Quartz,Redstone,Steel)

Normal hammers

All Skythe recipes will look like this!(Diamond,Emerald,Enderite,Gold,Iron,Lapis,Netherite,Prismarine,Quartz,Redstone,Steel)

All Leviathan axe recipes Diamond,Emerald,Enderite,Gold,Iron,Lapis,Netherite,Prismarine,Quartz,Redstone,Steel)

Quartz items set are crafted like any other tools in minecraft recipe example

Emerald tools set example

Prismarine tools set example

Lapis tools set example

Redsotne tools set example

Blazed Quartz tools set example

Enderite tools set example

Steel tools set example

Coal tools set example

Battleaxe(right click for special effects) recipe example

Upgrade it! Upgrade Bench block required!

Ancient prismarine tools require upgrade bench block

Some tools and armors can be upgraded with upgrade bench block

How to make enderite

How to make steel

Armors are crafted like any other armor in minecraft

recipe example(Emerald,Enderite,Lapis,Prismarine,Quartz,Redstone,Steel)

Food sword items