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No Numerical Numbers

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No Numerical Numbers




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No Numerical Numbers

You can't remember all the Minecraft Roman Numericals?
No Worries! Download this Texture pack and you won't forget again!

Having Trouble with Minecraft Roman numerals, do you even know what they are?

this isn't basic, it's Minecraft!

well, I have the cure for you inadept knowledge, away or saving you from the burden of nonsense youtube vids and 1000's of google searches

what! you don't believe me???

well just download this texture pack and ill prove you wrong

what does it do you may ask, and I hear your calls. This pack isn't regular, it's more than that, the use of Minecraft bedrock lang files allows the mist of your confusion to be cleared.

instead of all those V's and III's, basic numbers have been implemented such as 5's and 3's, you think you have seen this before? well, you would be right, this thought originated from java where the fog is gone

so bring the sun back to bedrock, clear the fog and open your eyes with the texture pack that will simplify your life!

More Examples in the Pictures Below,

It also can be useful in PvP!

Made by Dimondme8 
Socials: YouTubeTwitterInstagram

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