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No Trees Pack

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No Trees Pack




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No Trees Pack

Trees Pack v.1.0

This behavior pack removes all trees from Minecraft, exactly as the title suggests. A great challange for a speedrunner or just interesting thing to mess with! Try this pack with post-apocaliptic feeling if you're looking for some brand new challange.

This behavior pack removes all tree generation from Minecraft, including giant mushrooms and nether fungi. All saplings are still available via trading, loot etc., however if that's not enough challange for you, you can enable Hardcore Mode option and remove all possible ways to obtain saplings as well, more info below. This pack can also be handy when you want to build something on natural terrain but without trees getting in your way, that's just a random idea i got lol.

There are 2 pack options available in this pack.

Normal - All tree, giant mushroom and nether fungi generation is removed, saplings are still obtainable. (default)

Hardcore Mode - All tree, giant mushroom and nether fungi generation is removed, saplings are unobtainable.

Normal option is selected by deafult, if you want to switch the option, click on the gear icon on the pack.

This pack works on all MC versions above 1.17 including betas.

Following experimental features are needed for the pack to work!

If you want to see how the world can look like without trees, take a look at the screenshots provided below.

If you want to join our great community, get involved in development via polls/feedback or report any bug or issue, make sure to join our Discord Server.
This behavior pack was made Studio IceCraft and is restricted under this license. If you wish to share this content, make sure to credit with link to this post!
Enjoy playing with this behavior pack! 🙂

How to install:

1. Go to the mediafire download page.
2. Select file you want to download (.mcpack or .zip)
3. Download it.
4. Open/extract it depending on the file format.
5. Make sure to enable Creation of custom biomes experimental option.

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