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PVP Skeleton Addon




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PVP Skeleton Addon

Have you ever wanted to have someone to PVP with, but you don't have anyone? Introducing my new add-on PVP Skeleton Add-on! This skeleton can build blocks and destroy to get to you! ( NOTE! I did NOT steal the Terminator's code, you can compare if you know how to )

TestMob / PVP Skeleton Stats :

Fully donned Iron Armor

HP : 50

Attack Damage : 3 ( Without Weapon )

Can swap equipments : Iron Sword, Cobblestone ( Throw and Build ), Enchanted Golden Apples ( Eat ) and Shield ( Blocks, takes no knockback or damage )

Tameable : Yes 

Note : To tame, first, get the skeleton to block/use shield mode, then get some iron ingots ( Recommended : 8-10 ), has a medium chance to fail.

Tamed Stats :

HP increases to 5

Attack Damage +1

Can Sit and Stand, can be... leashed.

Images :

( Skeleton towering up to the Villager )

( Skeleton building down to the Villager )

( Skeleton eating Enchanted Golden Apple while hiding from the Iron Golem )



WARNING : If you post this add-on to any websites without my permissions I will warn you. 

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