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PaintBall Plus

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PaintBall Plus




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PaintBall Plus

PaintBall+ is an arcade style shooter with classes and powerups! With 5 different gamemodes and 5 different maps, PaintBall+ is a fun way to play with you and your friends!


The Lobby:

With an in-world menu, you can select your gamemode and map with style!

*Please note some of the videos were filmed during development.

With Five(5) different gamemodes you can have 1v1 or 50 v 50, the only limit to how many people can play is your Minecraft world!

      • Team DeathMatch
      • Capture the Flag
      • Team Survival
      • Last Man Standing
      • Free for All


And with Five(5) different maps there are many different ways to play!

Tree Tops:



Paper Mill:



Garthic Ruins:



Phoenix Temple:



Crimson Castle:




Maps built and designed by:
The SyKo Network - Paper Mill, Tree Tops, Garthic Ruins, Pheonix Temple, Crimson Castle
Eko0087 - Paper Mill, Tree Tops, Garthic Ruins, Pheonix Temple
Storms Rage - Pheonix Temple, Crimson Castle


You are not allowed to repost PaintBall+ to MCPECORE or another hosting site!

You are not allowed to duplicate or modify PaintBall+!

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