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Projectile Detection Bow Ding Addon

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Projectile Detection Bow Ding Addon




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Projectile Detection Bow Ding Addon

Don't you wish Minecraft had a  better bow hit detection system, well this is addons does just that. With this addon you can hit mobs from any distance without seeing them and know if you hit them or not. This addon is inspired by the java edition "Bow Ding" most commonly known on servers.  It helps with making a more engaging and enhancing PvP experience in your game, for both you and your friends. 

Works On: Windows, XBox, PS4, Mobile, and Switch.

The projectile detection addon is a PvP enhancement to better your skills with adjustable setting to fit your needs. With the use of entity customization when ever you hit a mob with a projectile shown above you will hear a feedback ding, this this is an indication that your hit was successful. You can use functions to and an remove what projectiles you get feedback dings from. When you join the game you will be presented with a welcome message and some info and you need help use /function info and this message will appear,

To add or remove certain feedback dings you can use /function target/add/... and then your desired projectile. If you want to add or remove all feedback dings use /function target/add/all or target/remove/all. Below is a complete list of functions you can use to change the feedback dings and the info function.

You can also use /function target/add/... or /function target/remove/... to change what mobs will give feedback dings. There are four main different categories of mobs which are allhostileneutral, and passive.  If you want to change individual mob you can add or remove them with the target function. You can also use /function target/add/player to target players and the opposite to remove them. 

The projectiles that give off feed back dings in this addon are arrows shot from both regular bows and crossbows, snowballs and eggs also work. For more experienced PvP fishing rod lures and tridents will cause a feedback ding. This addon is compatible with other addons and works great in a multiplayer games.

This addon  doesn't require any resource packs, all you have to do is apply it to you desired world, then turn on Holiday Creator Features and that's it, there's no extra work needed. This pack is made to help you distinguish a successful projectile hit from a unsuccessful projectile hit form a further distance in you Minecraft world.

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