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Rainbow Party 16x16 pack

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Rainbow Party 16x16 pack




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Rainbow Party 16x16 pack


Rainbow 16x is a small PvP pack for users who want a bright and colorful PvP for them. This packs main theme is white and rainbow so except a lot of those colors in this pack. Also some other things this is a smaller pack so this is does not do all the tool variants and tiers this is only diamond and a few other important items / textures. Also this pack is not done I plan on adding more things in future like a rainbow fire particles menu select and some other things. Some other important things to let you know this is exclusive to MCPEcore and no where else.

Update V1.1

In this update I added a few more couple useful PvP items that are frequently used and I changed some textures slightly to be more appealing to the eyes.


*Diamond sword

*diamond armor

*bow and arrows

*fishing rod

*totem of undying



*golden apple

*ender pearl


*diamond ore and block

*lag reducer (no rain)

To come

*better diamond armor


*rainbow ui

*all diamond tools


How to download

If you download zip (Main download) unzip and put into your mc resources folder and it should work

If you download mcpack (Not main download) download and then double tap / click and it should work if it bugs try using the zip

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