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Sepular Ore

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Sepular Ore




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Sepular Ore

From a bonus addon in a texture pack, to having a submission of its own! This addon adds not only a new ore to Minecraft, but tons of new blocks, items, mobs, and so much more! The new ore is very rare, but is worth it with all the new items and blocks you can craft with them! This took me a million tries to do correctly, as I use a very, let's say, inefficient addon maker, so I had to fix some things manually. This addon also adds one of the rarest, if not the rarest, block in Minecraft! This rare block is called the "Sedimentary Brick Oxidized Sepular Stairs." Yes, it is that long on purpose. There are a ton of blocks to build with, so this expands the building possibilities by a lot! Mine, mine, and mine to eventually be super rich in sepular ingots and flex on your friends! I have been working on this longer than any other addon I have made. (I only made one addon other than this LOL.) All jokes aside, this really did take a long time to make, and I plan on adding even more to it in the future. Good luck and as always, have fun! Do "/function sepularitems" in game to get (almost) everything added! Smelt sepular ingots to get crushed sepulant. All mobs showcased in this video spawn in naturally. Sepular Ore spawns in jungle and mushroom biomes at y20 to y42! Sedimentary cannot be found naturally, but can be crafted! Sepular blocks have 5 versions, and sedimentary blocks have 3 (not including slabs and stairs.) IMPORTANT: Please turn on experimental gameplay and smooth lighting to have the best experience and enjoy.

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