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Super Hardcore Survival V1

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Super Hardcore Survival V1




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Super Hardcore Survival V1

Run or hide, they will find you. 

This addon makes mobs terribly, terribly aggressive, and dangerous. No matter how much you run, any aggressive mob will hunt you down, whether you're behind a wall or not. Skeletons will actively shoot you, creepers will blow up your buildings

Even if you hide in a dirt hut or hole, they will wait for you to leave. There's no escaping! 

Not only this, but all mobs have an extended search range, and will chase you even if they cannot reach you. They will jump down on you, even if it means their demise, and they will not stop. 


If you're not scared of mobs, this pack will make you swallow your words!

What does this change?

For a start, creepers are now a very serious threat. You will either need to double-layer your walls, or just not live in a house, because creepers will destroy anything in front of their path to get you. This means you will constantly have to repair your houses, or just live up high, or down low. 


Mobs like zombies and skeletons will not just "leave" once you hide in your house. They'll wait outside until killed, or you escape. Witches and other ranged units will actively try to hit you, and although that may not be a problem, things like ghasts and blazes will slowly chip away at your protection. 


Mobs like vexes, which go through walls will be unchanged. Evokers, however, will literally attack you through the walls. Yikes! 


Where can I use this?

You can increase the challenge of your world

Troll and scare friends

Create challenges

Make minigames with these new mobs

Or just scare yourself!


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