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Team Addon V1

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Team Addon V1




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Team Addon V1

Create bands with your friends!

Wondering how to prevent players from harming each other when they are in a team? While also being able to deal damage to others in a different one? Wonder no more!  With hits revolutionary addon, this is all possible, and more!

What do I mean by more? Well, you can be in multiple teams, and, you can "team" other mobs and entities, even snowballs!

Why wouldn't you want that?

How do I assign teams?

It's quite simple, actually! The first thing you need to do is enable cheats, and make sure that the pack is actually activated in your world. Once that has been done, type this command in chat: "/tag @a add "team1". Everyone will now have the team1 tag. If you want to add a new tag or remove the current one: Write this:  "/tag @a remove team1".

This is the most important thing to do, or else the teams will not work.

What are some things I can do with this?

Well, the most obvious thing to do might be teaming with your friend, but there's a whole lot more to do!

Create survival game Duos and Trios

Bedwars and Skywars teams

Protect the animals (on your team)

Tower Defence games

Parkour Championships

Murder Mystery

Anything that requires teams!

Just make sure to use command or Redstone to make a system that does this automatically, so you can have a full-fledged game!

If you are wondering, you can use other tags for teams, such as "TinderStrikers" or something, however, it's much easier and more efficient to use "team1" or something similar. 

In this image, 2 of these mobs are on the same team as me (team1), while the chicken is on team2. Note: IF you are on a team, other entities don't need to be on a team for the team system to work!

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