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Weapons from Dungeons

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Weapons from Dungeons




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Weapons from Dungeons

Addons | Weapons from Dungeons | July Update

Weapons from the Minecraft Dungeons are added to Minecraft Bedrock Edition! The addon adds five functional and craftable weapons from the Minecraft Dungeons, and each weapon has its unique ability, bringing a completely different experience to Minecraft.


Dark Katana

“A blade that will not rest until the battle has been won.”

+9 Melee Damage / Curse Damage & Immune Wither Damage

Apply wither effects to the target being attacked.

The weapon possesses high power and low attack speed, and can curse anything slashed by its blade until death.





“Crafted in the blackest depths of the Fiery Forge and enchanted with fiery powers.”

+7 Melee Damage / Fire Aspect & Immune Fire Damage

It will set nearby entities on fire when you attack the target, and its ability is to launch explosive fireball.

The flames of the nether will ruthlessly turn all enemies in front of you into ashes.





“Whirlwind, forged during an epic windstorm, is a double-bladed axe that levitates slightly.”

+7 Melee Damage / Casts Shockwaves & Knockback Resistance

Use its power to summon a powerful whirlwind and knock down everything around it. It will give you slow falling effect, allowing you to ride the shockwave forward, or avoid falling damage.

No matter how powerful the existence is, it can only surrender under the raging windstorm.




Fortune Spear

“A spear that is watched over by lucky souls, bringing luck to any who wield it.”

+5 Melee Damage / Ranged Attack & Healing

Chance to attach a ranged attack or get healing effects when basic attacks. It can also trigger ranged attacks through the right button or long press.

Under the blessing of the God of Fortune, the holder will have an endless supply of vitality.





“Gifted to one of the Arch-Illager's most distinguished generals upon their conquest of the Squid Coast - this runeblade is infused with dark witchcraft.”

+7 Melee Damage / Critical Hit

Have a chance to hit up to twice the damage.

It is a lethal weapon of simple violence, with a chance to deal several times the damage. The more you hit, the more damage it deal. The faster you wield, the sharper its blade.




Step 1. Download behavior pack and resource pack.

Step 2. Enable Holiday Creator Features.

Step 3. Active Weapons from Dungeons behavior pack and resource pack.

Step 4. Now you can find them in your creative inventory.

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