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World Expansion Release 2

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World Expansion Release 2




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World Expansion Release 2

Have you ever wondered about an addon that expands minecraft with biomes, mobs and blocks while keeping the vanilla style?

Here it is, World Expansion is an addon that adds entirely new things like cave biomes, biomes, mobs and blocks with vanilla-like textures and mechanics

Before Using the addon for a world, Turn on All the experimental features and make sure you are in the latest betas and official versions for better support of custom caves 


Sakura Forest

Sakura Forest have pink trees that are scattered across the biome.



The leaves of the sakura trees also have a chance to drop a cherry petal, this is used to craft a pie


Revamped Swamp

Now the swamps are more extensive, these include mangrove trees scattered throughout the biome


Mega Pine Forest

This is a rare biome , these include big oak pine trees scattered throughout the biome


Crystal Caves

These caves are less frequent than the others, here you can find 6 types of crystals that together with the Alexandrite shard can create a rainbow shard

Rainbow shard

This crystal shard is used to create new things, such as the rainbow lantern or the friendly spider's nest

Spider Hive Cave

This cave biome usually generates with some spiders and more variants of cobweb ( Cobweb Block, Cobweb Carpet, Cobweb vines, Deepslate with Cobweb )

Some images of the Generation of this biome:



Lumen Caves

Lumen Caves are a peaceful biome without any hostile mob, many types of vegetation grows here, there are twisted lumen vines, lumen vines, lumen corals and alexandrite geodes.

Some Images of the Generation of this biome:


Alexandrite Geode found in a lumen cave!


Mobs in this biome:


Lumen Beetle

Damage: None

Effects: None

Health: 10

Sculk Caves

This Cave Biome is a variant of the upcoming Deep Dark Caves, they have patches of sculk blocks and vegetation like sculk vines or sculk roots.




Currently these caves are the home of sculk bats

Cold Caves



Cold caves are full of cold stone, you can found sapphire ore here, Sapphire can be used to craft sapphire lamp


Limestone  Caves



These Caves spawns under Desertic biomes

Usually they have limestone, hanging moss and ore variants for limestone

Aquatic Mobs



¿ Arent they cute and ugly at the same time? 

These mobs spawns at y-40 to y50 so you can found them in aquifers or oceans and they attack nautilus


Finally you can find nautilus shells more fast!


Drops nautilus shells ( You can get 1-2 with looting enchant )

Spawns at oceans, aquifers and rivers

Betta Fish

This tiny fishes spawns at rivers, oceans and sometimes in aquifers

They have 4 common variants ( Blue, Dark Blue, Yellow Mixed and Orange Mixed ) and 2 Rare Variants ( Copper-like and Golden )


These jellyfishes spawns at aquifers, warm ocean and rivers

They have 3 variants ( Lucy, Golden and Blue [ Emmisive ] )


These amphibious spawns at Swamps and Rivers



You can get an easter egg by naming it "Perry"

Even so, after this description there are many things that you should discover, enjoy our addon and thank you for downloading it

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